Pakistan's Premium Travel Marketplace

Tripkarao - Pakistan's Premium Travel Marketplace


The tourism industry in Pakistan although very large was disorganized which resulted in many tour operators and tourism companies charging customers exorbitant prices for tours. Authenticity and trust were also identified as key challenges the customers were facing. On top of that, there was no way for customers to customize and plan their own trip and most of the trip making and planning was done manually. The Founder of Tripkarao identified these problems and wanted to create a travel marketplace that would make travel fun, safe and simple for everyone.


When people want to plan a trip there are numerous variables that need to be kept into consideration such as ticketing, logistics, lodging, and food. To make it more complicated this needs to be done on a workable budget. This is usually not easy for people and may cause anxiety and even frustration.


  • Deliverables: Web Design, Branding, Full-stack Website Development
  • Timeline: 8 weeks
  • Platform: Responsive Website for all platforms


  • Competitive and Comparative Analysis
  • User Interviews
  • Affinity Mapping
  • Feature Prioritization
  • Website Useability Testing


The launch of the Tripkarao website improved customer trust as it helped provide important information that was essential for planning a trip. The website allowed users to book a trip with multiple vendors with customizations. A fully integrated payment gateway was also integrated enabling customers to pay online with ease. Net revenue of PKR 15 million was generated through the website while previously when Tripkarao was working manually the average net revenue was PKR 2 million.

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